Black Granite Kitchen Platform Tiles – A Perfect Contrast With Other Tiles

The black granite kitchen countertops have always been considered as a symbol of style and elegance. Granite is considered to be the second layer of a building, above the concrete or on top of it. This stone has been used in buildings from ancient times up to the present. With the recent innovations in kitchen designing styles, the black granite kitchen countertops have also gained tremendous popularity. Due to its durability and resistance towards heat, this stone is preferred by many homeowners who desire to add a unique touch to their kitchens.

The modular kitchens have really revolutionized lives ever since, with the modern kitchen being equipped with almost all types of appliances such as electric kettles, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc. Also, the black granite kitchen countertops and matching black limestone kitchen flooring make the kitchen seem extremely elegant and compact. In fact, if you walk into any modern home, you would be amazed to find that most of them are fitted with granite countertops or a black granite kitchen floor. The overall beauty of such a kitchen is certainly enhanced with these black colored stones. Look for black granite manufacturers here!

Not only are black granite kitchen countertops an attractive feature, they are also very hard-wearing and durable. This stone is generally used in the kitchen due to its heat-resistance and non-slip characteristic. Black granite has the highest amount of thermal shock resistance among all stones. Most experts believe that the use of black granite kitchen flooring in the kitchens is the best option because it helps to reduce the chances of accidents such as burns due to the hot steam and liquids that are often used in these kitchens. These countertops do not retain the spills and stains for a long time and this makes them safe for the overall safety of the children and other household members.

As mentioned earlier, black granite kitchen countertops are extremely heat-resistant. This makes them ideal for use in the kitchens of restaurants and cafes where hot pots and beverages are prepared on a daily basis. You can keep your microwave oven and toaster oven at a distance away from black granite kitchen countertops to prevent damage to the surface of the stone. Since granite is one of the hardest substances, it does not require much protection from high temperatures. Know more about granites at

Black granite is available in a variety of hues. While you can opt for the natural look, there are other varieties that have been colored using special techniques. If you want a lighter shade, you can go for the agate-colored granite which has the similar characteristics as the natural look but has been dyed black. There are also dark hues that have been dyed black but are more translucent than the natural ones. The opaque black granite has the same characteristics as the natural granite but they have been enhanced by using the top layer of the rock as a medium.

It is very easy to clean Green Marble India kitchen platform tiles. All that is required is to wipe the surface with a dry or damp cloth regularly. To make them last longer, they should be regularly maintained. It is important to remember that tiles can scratch when they are exposed to heavy traffic. Therefore, it is recommended that you invest in good quality tiles and cover them with a plastic or glass mat to prevent your kitchen floor from getting scratched.

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